Origins 2019

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June 13th-16th, 2019

Greater Columbus
Convention Center
Columbus, OH

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Registering for Events

  • You must have a Origins Game Fair badge to play in any of our events
  • You can secure your spot in any Magic event by Registering before hand. Follow the link below to Register! 

Join us for the Mythic Convention Series latest stop at Origins Game Fair!

The Mythic Convention Series is a tour of conventions where Wizards of the Coast sponsored play will be happening. All stops for this series will include at least one invite to a Mythic Championship through a series of fun, accessible, and challenging Magic Convention Series Trials culminating in an invite-only Mythic Convention Series Championship!

Play in one of the many MCS Trials available!

Each participant receives a Convention Promo! 4-0 (12 Points): Invite to MCS Championship & 30 Prize Tickets, 3-1 (9-10 Points): 30 Prize Tickets, 2-1-1 (7-8 Points): 20 Prize Tickets, 2-2 (6 Points): 10 Prize Tickets, 1-2-1(4-5 Points): 6 Prize Tickets, & 1-3 (3 Points): 2 Prize Tickets

Schedule Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
11AM – Modern MCS Trial $26
1PM – War of the Spark Sealed MCS Trial $40
3PM – Standard MCS Trial $26
5PM – Modern Horizons Sealed MCS Trial $54

Qualified Players!
All players who go 4-0 in MCS Trial receive an invite to play in a War of the Spark sealed Mythic Convention Series Championship event with a cut to Top 8 Modern Horizons draft Sunday at 10am.

MCS Championship
1st – Full set of War of the Spark Uncut Sheets (3 total) and Invite to Mythic Championship
2nd – 6 Boxes of War of the Spark
3rd & 4th – 3 Boxes of War of the Spark
5th – 8th – 2 Boxes of War of the Spark
9th – 16th – 36 Prize Tickets!

MCS Championship Planeswalker Point Multiplier x4
MCS Trials Planeswalker Point Multiplier x2

Leanr to Play-02

Learn to Play Magic!

Never played Magic before? Learn here at Origins with our friendly staff and get a free 30 card deck along with a $4 off Coupon for the Planeswalker Deck League! We’ll walk you through all the basics and guide you on your next steps into Magic. New and returning Magic players are welcome!


Planeswalker Deck League!

New & Improved Planeswalker Deck League! Event runs all day long, players play at their own pace, dropping in and out at their own discretion throughout the day.

Players choose a Planeswalker deck and may use the Booster Pack inside to modify their deck. The deck may be continuously modified using earned prizes but must contain at least 60 cards.

If you win, draw two cards from the loot box. If you don’t win, draw one card from the loot box. The Loot Box potentially contains sleeved cards from standard sets (commons all the way up to Mythic Rare along with Foils!), Prize Tickets, Free Origins Exclusive Playmat coupon, Free All Weekend Event Entry, and more!


At all Pastimes convention events we like to offer great prizes for competing in the formats you enjoy! With that in mind we are bring the Prize Wall to this and all conventions where Pastimes is running Magic events! Win Prize Tickets by playing in events and redeem them for items like booster packs, t-shirts, uncut sheets, and more. As always 1 Prize Ticket can be redeemed for a booster pack of the most recent Standard-legal set, with other items available at different redemption rates.

Our Prize Wall will feature great Magic products as well as Gamermats and UltraPRO accessories!

Coming Soon!!!

TCG Size $30

Desktop Size $40

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